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Here at Salon 7 & Spa, we provide the finest quality of service to clients in an inviting atmosphere.  Our professional expectations are set high, and each individual that walks through our door is of upmost importance, deserving of our high expectations.


We firmly believe that education is very important within the salon! We strive to stay on top of the latest products and trends so that we may give clients what they are looking for and correctly assist them on how to create the same results long after their experience at Salon 7 & Spa!


We are conveniently located in Downtown Okemos, with ample parking in the back of the salon. We welcome you to experience one of our many services offered.  

Our receptionists help Salon 7 & Spa run smoothly.  If it weren't for them, our phones would be ringing for help, our clients wouldn't be welcomed on arrival and things wouldn't look tidy and organized!  They are wonderful multi-taskers and at the desk ready to help.  

We are thankful for them!

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